Monday, May 8, 2017

Solar Eclipse And It's Connection

I am not big on dates when I watch or read anything.  I pay more attention to the message. If the person is wrong about the dates, it doesn't mean that they are wrong about the meat of the message. Dates seem to desensitize people to no longer pay attention because the date has already passed and nothing happened.

This video is pretty awesome because the dates are what is happening with the alignment of all the planets, sun and moon happening on September 23 of this year. 33 days after the Solar Eclipse. In Revelation 12, John talks about a great wonder in heaven. What is in the heavens? Constellations, comets, planets, sun, moon and much more. See how they connect. Our God is amazing and in control. Let not the faint in heart grow weary in these end times but have faith that Heavenly Father is in control!

Watch this explanation. "Are you serious?!" Love this guys personality.

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