Hello and welcome to my Half Baked World. Why my blog is named Half Baked World? 

I have another blog that is called Diaries of a Fruitcake...in a half baked world.  So, this is a preparedness blog and how to be prepared for anything, including a half baked world! It is a spin off from DOAF, which is a midlife crisis blog about life.  So, welcome to the preparedness part and all that comes with it.

My name is Thea, pronounced Tia. I am a southern gal who loves to research.  In the Heartland of Kentucky, Half Baked World is the home where preparedness and what to be prepared for can be found. It holds a vault of information. You might think some of it is wacko and you might watch it and be like..riiiiiight! 

HBW isn't about the movie Half Baked where drugs are involved. I haven't actually seen the movie but it might lead some people here. I will have videos from my YouTube channel and also information from private groups I am with that cannot be censored by Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. There is a reason why the government doesn't want us to know about what is happening in the world today. Why the weather is messed up, why the skies are different, etc...  Ever asked yourself questions about how crazy the weather is? Ever thought something is going on? Maybe you haven't even thought about it and are living your life as you always have. 

A little about me....Even though I am putting this out and preparing my family for anything that could happen, I am still living my life and I stay pretty busy with my Hair Studio located inside our home. I have 2 bonus kids that I parent in our Kentucky home. I have three grown children and one granddaughter who all live in Tennessee, so I try and get down there to see them all every month. I also have a few other blogs that keep me going. I am the Assistant Secretary for our Relief Society, so I have designed our first RS Blog that keeps me on my toes to keep the sisters in our church informed. We are preppers for food storage and also huge believers with Essential Oils. So, I work with helping others find remedies for their symptoms through dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate. 

Projects that we have going on right now are building a better area for our food storage and I will be posting pictures of this DIY my husband will be conquering. 

Below are pictures of my family that I am so proud to call mine. 
Erikk and Bri


Aiden and Morgan

Me (Blonde) & LeGrande

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