Monday, May 8, 2017

Prepared With A Plan

"Many more people could ride out the storm-tossed waves in their economic lives if they had their year's supply of food and were debt free. Today we find that many have followed this counsel in reverse: They have at least a year's supply of debt and are food-free." 

President Thomas S. Monson

I had never heard of food storage until I joined my church.  I didn't understand it for awhile but I saw others in our church preparing for anything that could happen.  In these latter-days, I see now why it has been such an important counsel to start food storage and become debt free. 

Our family didn't really start preparing until last year.  I started feeling the promptings from the Holy Ghost that we need to start doing this NOW and it was confirmed through my spouse that he was feeling the same way. We have built up a 10 month food supply but it needs to be longer than that. 

Through Thrive Life, we have been building our storage. Sams Club was just too expensive. Where these cans have a shelf life of 25 years unopened, Sams Club and other grocery stores do not offer that expiration. An issue with food storage that could arise is not liking what you stored. You want to make sure that what you have is good to the taste.  I was able to try it out from a friend before we bought and found out that we are just going to start grocery shopping through this amazing company.  The food is healthier and when you really don't know what has been sprayed on your fruits and veggies in the super market, you know that you are getting food full of nutrients that haven't been depleted by sitting in the super market waiting for you to buy it.

These foods are freeze dried. So you can either eat them that way or add water or just add to a meal on the stove or fire. I love everything.  It is really a brilliant idea actually. I had bought a survival guide at Barnes & Noble and in the food storage part of the book they had a picture of what food storage looked like.  It happened to be a picture of Thrive Life!  I thought that was just confirmation.

So if you would like to find out more info, click here.  No membership fees. My mom went on the site and just bought as a guest.  You get benefits when you do a 3 month membership of $100 in food but you don't have to.  We just received $490 worth of food for $150 because of benefits we got. 

It's just another option among others.  Try it out HERE

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