Monday, May 8, 2017

How My Research Began

I had a dream 5 years ago. In this dream I was in a country store with a friend of mine.  I remember it was much like Cracker Barrel. We walked out of the store onto the covered deck.  Before we started walking down the steps I stopped her and said, "..look at the clouds." I remember the dream was black and white. I told her let's wait to see what the clouds will turn into.

As we stood and watched the clouds were stretching from one side to another, much like a cold front getting ready to come through, but the middle of the clouds were starting to build upward. As the middle kept growing I said, "You know what that looks like?" She said, "I don't know. What?"  I said, "It looks like Jesus!"

As soon as I said that, Jesus face appeared in color where the clouds in the center were building upward and to the sides were both his arms outstretched and He was looking straight at me. His arms, still outstretched, came together as if He was reaching out to me and then all over a sudden I was in a vortex moving at the speed of light.  I knew exactly where I was going and I wondered if my friend was still on the front porch of that store.  I remember thinking, I won't look back.

I seemed to be in the vortex long enough to think back on my life and realize that I was not ready to be where I was going.  I knew I had waisted some of my time here and I needed to do better. I had given up on going to church, in finding the church that Jesus Christ talked about in the New Testament. I began to feel myself dropped to my knees and put my face down on the ground but I didn't have a body in this vortex. I remember thinking, "I am not worthy to be in His presence. I am so ashamed."

Then I woke up.

Ever since that dream, my life has changed. I live every day to tell someone about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I live to help others find their way back to Heavenly Father. To help them remember what was lost when we came to this earth.

I have a hair salon in my home and I had a client I was working on that I shared this dream.  She said that her mom was involved in an online group that is others who have had dreams and I might want to check it out.  It is people from my church all over the world. So, I registered and have been a silent observer.  Then one day about 4 months ago it was brought up about our magnetosphere and I clicked on the link that has changed my life once again to prepare for what is coming.

It isn't a thought of "will it ever happen?" It is WHEN it happens.  Will it be my life time? I feel it will but I don't know a date.  I want to warn others and share what I have found through this site, since facebook, twitter and youtube are censored.  The government doesn't want us to know and I totally understand now, why.

You might think I am crazy, just like the people thought Noah was crazy for building an ark. I am sure he was ridiculed. They wanted to kill him! He probably was stirring up thoughts that others didn't want to waste their time on. I am by no means a Noah but I don't want to be silent either. If you want to start preparing, I give great direction on where to go, here. If you want to be updated on what is going on, I am not a scientist or expert but I can show you where I get my information. If you find something interesting, share it with me.

God Bless you all.

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